My Joule Sous Vide Cooker Review

Here is my review of the Joule Sous Vide Cooker I use in my passionate pursuit of creating incredible meals at home.

Although it’s one of the smallest immersion devices on the market, I have found that it performs exceptionally well.

After downsizing to an apartment, I needed to cook meat low and slow and started looking into cooking sous vide.

It’s a small wonder

The Joule only weighs 1.28 pounds and, at 11 inches tall, is one of the smallest sous vide cookers on the market. The miniature size is great since I have limited storage space. It’s also nice that I can cook away from home since it is more portable than others.

The Joule has clean white lines and stainless-steel fittings that make it a stylish addition to our kitchen; it includes a magnetized bottom covered in silicone to protect my pots, and a side clip keeps the device secured in place as it cooks.

Wi-Fi integration, voice control, and a polished app make this a truly modern kitchen appliance, but the lack of a screen might make this device a little harder to use than others.

The app, however, offers a Visual Doneness feature that allows for easy and precise sous vide cooking. Rather than relying on online recipes and guides, you can use the app to program the machine using pictures of how your food will turn out.

I love the app, and it has made my sous vide cooking easy and stress-free.

Tech-savvy people with a good internet connection will love this device, but it might annoy anyone that doesn’t want to use their phones while cooking.

Final analysis

Overall, the Joule has been perfect for my long sous vide cooks, and everything I’ve cooked with it has been moist and flavorful, from brisket points to ribs and steaks.

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