My Ninja Instant Cooker Review

Here is my review of the Ninja Instant Cooker I use in my passionate pursuit of creating incredible meals at home.

Like many home chefs, I am always looking for tools to help me get meals on the table more efficiently. After becoming comfortable with sous vide, I began looking into pressure cooking and finally decided on the Ninja Instant Cooker.

The Ninja Instant Cooker has been a pro at cooking delicious, perfectly wholesome meals 70% faster than traditional cooking methods.

Safe under pressure

Pressure cooking has always seemed dangerous to me, so I was glad to discover that this device has 11 levels of safety and achieved UL certification.

The body is plastic, and the cooking pot is aluminum and has a non-stick FDA-approved ceramic coating.

That ceramic coating, which is food-safe and PTFE-free, also makes cleaning a breeze; nothing sticks to it.

Instant cooking and so much more

I’ve enjoyed the wide range of possibilities to ease cooking that the cooker has provided. The Ninja Instant Cooker has been proficient at cooking functions like steaming and slow cooking, offering multiple cook times.

The Ninja Instant Cooker comes with a digital, programmable control panel with five built-in cooking functions, i.e., pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sear/ sauté, and keep warm.

It broadens and simplifies the process of cooking, courtesy of two pressure levels coupled with its unique five Sear/Sauté temperature settings.

The Ninja Instant Cooker has been exceptional at slow cooking, pressure cooking, and steaming functions.

Final analysis

Overall, the Ninja Instant Cooker’s advanced features like five stovetop settings, ease of customizing cooking programs, dual pressure cooking, and easy-to-clean attributes are just a few of the features that have made this one of my go-to tools in the kitchen.

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